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Sandy Knight
Sense of History
It is interesting how some things have come full circle for me. From my earliest memories, I have loved looking at pictures of performers. I have collected books of photographic images, and have over 1000 postcards of different actors, in different era's, photographed in hundreds of photographic styles. For me, now, to be following in their footsteps, is a great honour. Plus, as I play with my lighting to recreate some of my favourites, it gives you a few extra shots with a difference, and some even, with a sense of classic Hollywood portraiture.
For you, on the day of your shoot, its all about getting a great likeness of your features, and a reflection of your personality in your expression and eyes. We want rid of those awful selfies crossing the casting directors desks, and an increase in quality shots that help them do their job with more confidence. We want YOU seen!
I have a long history of two things..taking photographs, and working in the entertainment industry. For years I have taken studio quality photographs of my children, and when they started working as child performers, it naturally progressed to taking their headshots for their relevant agents. I chaperoned them all on set, working for both big production companies, and small student productions. My natural curiosity put me in a good position to ask many questions on improving the quality of my work. When the children no longer needed a chaperone, I drifted into Supporting Artist work myself. Loving every shoot I do, it has become obvious that as more and more agencies are asking for their performers to provide their own headshots, it was a natural niche for me to step into!
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