Now, this is the important bit that you want to know.

I am new to the business, and far from a name on the block.
Because of this, you are going to benefit!

As I enter my second year, we have a special price of £60 per single client.

              Yes £60! *

For this you will be getting 
 + A fantastic 2 hour shooting session. This enables opportunities for a couple of changes of clothes, or requests for particular shots that you want, or need.
 + A set of photographs, that are of great quality, and that number over 100-200 on average.
 + Advice on basic editing, should you wish to crop or tint your own photos at home, and information on Extras agencies that are known to me.

* Special offer!! Find and speak to Sandy ON SET, and get your shoot at last years price!

These are your photographs. I keep a copy in case you loose them, but they will be there, in YOUR hand, to post on social sites, edit, play with, or do with as you take away, ON THE DAY OF YOUR SHOOT.

I will advise you which ones would be best for your agents, and if you need some detailed post editing done, I can do this for £10 per photo after the shoot (usually within the week). Bring your own memory card, or if you need a Memory stick, I can provide an 8gb one for you for £5 (cost price)

As far as I am aware, no other photographer gives you the whole shoot to take home!!! So until I get my 100 customers, take this opportunity!

I, on the other hand, am going to have a play and practice, to ensure that I fully know my way around.
Your reduced costs will be reflected in my learning, and gaining further experience with faces other than my growing children!

At the 100 client point, I will review my initial process, and may adjust things for the Actors package to be more in line with the industry standard.

At present, my studio is quite small so I am not able to do groups. However I do hope to offer other shoots, and branch out further, as I gain more experience. Prices and new packages will be available as these experiences expand. If you are a willing guinea pig, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss new learning opportunities!
Watch this page to keep on top of any changes...

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