Sandy Knight has always been a creative and artistic personality, so it was no surprise when she picked up a camera early on, and started taking photos. However, with a problem retaining information, learning the intricate skills of photography has always proved to be an insurmountable challenge that prevented her from taking the hobby up full time. This never stopped her taking photos however, even from the comfort of the auto setting, her albums filled up with shots of locations visited, of her family and all the interesting little things that crossed her lens through her lifetime.

After becoming a supporting artist in the film industry, she found that there was a need for affordable, simple and straight forward headshots for low paid actors. Sandy started her own business, giving people on a low wage what they required in these shots. Having taken portraits of her own children all their lives, photographing the human face was a familiar challenge. However it was the first challenge that Sandy fought to overcome fully, as the auto setting was finally taken off. In 2015 Knightshoots was born! There was brimming support for her work, but after some personal problems, the drive for this side of the business slowed and photography took a back bench for a while.

Sandy has always enjoyed the stunning photographs of landscapes that she had seen either in books, calendars, magazines, on screensavers and across the internet. In 2017 Sandy had a trip to Cornwall for a filming job, and fell in love with the landscapes there. For the first time she wondered why she couldn’t have a go herself at trying to take these high quality pictures. She took one of the days off to go out with her camera, and had a go at trying them out. After the huge disappointment of having photos that were not pin sharp and lacking in the quality she desired, Sandy then spent months throwing herself into learning the art properly. After much research, an upgrade to her kit and an investment into a small camper, she then started practicing properly. 2018 brought the beginning of her new adventures travelling around the UK, trying landscape shots across the country in her best efforts to perfect the skills needed to get THAT shot.

With her love of photography successfully rekindled, the learning curves still continue. Sandy’s Instagram, and facebook followers began to express great delight at her adventurous stories, and a few began to ask if any pictures might be for sale. It became obvious that a website to showcase the photos and adventures, and to facilitate any further interests from outside sources needed to be born.

Sandy’s hope now is to help other people off the auto setting and out into the world where they too may find the love for the outdoors, and untold adventures of their own, to be so much more fulfilling…