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What can I do for you?

After becoming a supporting artist in the film industry, I found that there was a desperate need for affordable, simple and straight forward headshots for low paid actors. I decided to start my own business where I was able to provide people on a low wage what they required, and in 2015 Knightshoots was born!

With over 18 working years in the film industry both supporting my children and then being in front of the camera myself, I have accumulated a great understanding of which shots work and are sought after by casting directors. Have a read of the accounts from my previous clients as an insight into my work and what I can do for you.

Check it out...

Check it out...

Head on over to my gallery to see some examples of previous shoots I’ve held for my clients. Each headshot ranges in style, mood and creativity. Do you have a particular shot in mind? My previous clients can be a great source of inspiration for your next sitting.


Tips & Tricks

for Actors and Supporting Artists

How to get the best out of your headshot sitting

Our aim is to provide a set of headshots that best reflect how you look today. CD’s (Casting Director’s) or AD’s (assistant directors) have hundreds of headshots that pass over their desks during the casting process. We need to ensure that they can be confident in knowing that the person they select will be exactly who they have picked from those photos. There is nothing more annoying for them, than someone walking through the door, looking completely different to the person they had chosen to see for the role and nothing more disappointing for you, than to be completely overlooked for a role that you might have been perfectly suited for!

We ALL hate little bits of how we look – our wrinkles, scars, or our teeth are classics. But rest assured that these elements are exactly what are giving us our individuality, and it’s these elements that help to cast us in the roles that we want! To this end, do not expect a glamorous headshot; this is not the service I provide. I aim to take a true likeness of you, so that the casting directors can do their job with confidence, and so that you will be picked for roles that are suited to you.

Think of it this way, as creatives, they need to see your face as their blank canvas. They can then decide on any extra make-up, prosthetics, wigs etc (which they may want) to highlight the character they are after. If you choose to paint this canvas to suit your own preference beforehand, you will be reducing the amount of roles you may be considered and picked for.

To this aim, here are a few guidelines that may help us achieve an accurate and appealing shot, which will catch the eye of everyone looking to cast YOU in the role they need.

The focus of your headshot should be YOU, especially your eyes, so don’t wear anything that distracts from your face (bright colours, logos, frills, etc.) We should be looking at you, not at what you are wearing. Ladies, this will include heavy makeup and overpowering jewellery. Keep it subtle and simple. We want to draw attention to your eyes and nothing else.

A good guideline would be for you to attend your shoot with me, as you would attend a casting on your best day. So, dress nicely, but not too over the top. Keep your look casual, clean, and comfortable. Allow a new haircut a couple of weeks to settle in; by all means, remove a few rogue facial hairs (ensuring you allow enough time to let any redness settle) but do NOT plaster tons of make-up on the spot that appeared this morning. Heavy makeup will show on the photo, and it looks terrible, whereas a good photo editing programme can remove a pimple very easily, and far more realistically.

My backdrops at present, are white and black, so I need to ask that you try not bring white or black clothing as your only outfit. A little colour works very well. A great hint would be to pick colours that compliment your eyes. So, for example, greys, blues, lilacs, (for blue/grey eyes) beige, browns or greens, (for hazel/brown/green eyes) all work well. Simple patterns are fine so long as they are not too bold. Please try to avoid tight checks and lines, as they look too ‘busy’ and do not flatter in a photo. I should remind you, that these are HEADSHOT photos. With the exception to a simple starting full length shot of you in comfortable clothes, (to show your basic body shape) all the shots will be of your head and shoulders, so you do not need to worry about mixing and matching tops to bottoms. The only other full length shots I do are those to highlight specific outfits eg- an office look, a uniform (police/army/nursing etc), formal evening/party attire, etc, where a specific costume may be needed by an agent for a specific type of role.

If you have any prosthetics or disabilities that show up on a picture, please let me know before hand. We can then highlight it, or draw the attention away from it, depending on how you wish to be represented. This is especially important if you have a glass eye, as our attention will always be drawn to the eyes first, so it will show up without a little extra care. Please let me also know if you have any tattoos. These really need to be highlighted. I have known of a few people being sent home, because the booking Assistant director didnt realise that they had them.  On arrival, the tattoos had shown up in the costume they had planned and as they wernt suitable for the character, or specific period, and production were not willing (or able) to cover them up, the artistes had been sent home. We can help prevent this embarrassing incident happening to you, simply, during your shoot.

On the same token, if you want to show specific skills, let me know beforehand, and we can see what we can do!

If you have seen a picture of a pose or lighting in a portrait you like, please, bring it along! Once the initial headshot photos are done, we can try to capture you in a similar pose and lighting, so you go away with some creative shots too!

‘ I enjoyed my session with Sandy very much. It felt like meeting up with an old friend rather than a formal photographic session. The whole thing was very relaxed which brought out the best in me. She was warm, friendly and gave me lots of time to change outfits and I never once felt rushed. I can’t recommend her enough. Sandy is very professional. ‘


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